Tanya Barany’s new album «Lights Disappear» (release 8. Mar) hangs like a dark melodious fog between your ears for some time after listening.

The southern Swiss mountains of her homeland and her British roots resound throughout every song. It is sultry and evocative with a deep rumbling undertow that complements the clean unpretentiousness of the lyrics. Her vocals are supremely silky, slipping between the gentle and whispery and something a little grittier, riddled with harmonies and sweetly sad at times. Echoes of Portishead and Radiohead are present but with the definite stamp of originality – delicately wrought and skilfully layered, but holding onto a rawness that leaves collection of songs feeling so dynamic. The 25-years old has already played at renowned festivals such as «Zermatt Unplugged» and «Open Air Gampel» this year and has the honour to represent the music scene of Wallis at the Swiss Live Talents».