Switzerland’s music scene is thriving with outstanding musical creativity. SwissAmp, a non-profit organization made up of professionals from the music industry, has been working constantly since 2012 to discover and showcase new and confirmed talents.

To help support and promote these artists in Switzerland and abroad, SwissAmp created Swiss Live Talents in 2013.

Swiss Live Talents takes place every two years and brings together artists, media, concert organizers, and a jury of music professionals from all over the world.

Every two years, artists can apply to be nominated on the website. A jury composed of programmers from Swiss clubs and festivals then selects 5 artists to represent each of the 6 genre categories. During the award ceremony in Fribourg, the nominated artists perform in front of an audience made up of significant figures of the music industry. An international jury then selects the winner of each category.

To participate in the Swiss Live Talents event as a nominee or winning an award means acquiring national awareness, but also the opportunity to perform in renowned festivals and clubs in Switzerland and abroad.

Swiss Live Talents has decided to go even further this year by organizing MUMA, a music marathon in Fribourg on November 18-19 for the third edition.