All she had left was a pen, some paper and her thoughts. Thoughts fulfilled with melodies. Thoughts fulfilled with words. And that is all she really needed. So she kept floating in galaxies of abstract kind, knowing that this was her home.

Veronica Fusaro (born April 23, 1997) is a Swiss singer and songwriter. With her calm yet intense voice, Veronica sings about life and the world, and with a little help of a few instruments, she makes them sound big. She started writing songs at a young age, and after canceling her guitar lessons, Veronica taught herself everything she needed to self-produce and -write her first EP in her parent’s basement. This resulted in «Lost in Thought» – a  collection of five songs about hope, fear, the world and life – calmly played but with a big impact on everyone who listens to it.

Veronica Fusaro is currently working on her next project and is touring around Switzerland with her band. After winning in two categories at the M4Music Festival 2016 in Zurich («Pop» and «Demo of the Year») and the honor to be the «Song of the Day» at the Radio Station «SRF 3», there sure are more big news to come.