In no time Sons of Morpheus played gigs in the US and recorded with Jim Waters. The Result: a debut was released and lead the band out on many miles. The band’s call for 2016 was to write and record… What they actually did, but there was more: first they were off to tour in US stoner-giants Karma to Burn’s nightliner, slamming 37 shows all over Europe.

In 2017 Sons of Morpheus appear even more on the spot, their sound is gloomier yet explosive.

“Nemesis” mesmerizes with the 70’s exuberance and liberalism but bashes your head with the modern generation Y’s shakiness and unsoundness. Always driven by – boy, and you’ll hear that – the simple and basic instinct that brings three kids down to a basement to form a band: The all urgent need to crank up an amplifier, break a skin or two and make the building shake. And by doing so, for a few precious minutes, change the fucking world with it.