Founded in 2010, this Basel-based quintet uses music from the post punk era as a melting pot for other musical influences such as noise, grunge, post rock, psychedelic rock and shoegaze. This fresh approach results in very unpredictable, surprising and multi-layered songs, a lot like the branches of an old, skew-whiff tree in the foggy twilight. With the second EP DISTORTED REFLECTIONS (2014) the band has found their truly own sound. The first fully-fledged album BOKEH (2016) is the result of the consistent commitment by the band to their very own musical path and thus is a highly manifold and dynamic record which still manages to transport the energy of their ecstatic live shows.

L’ARBRE BIZARRE already had the opportunity to support international acts like A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS (USA) and FÖLLAKZOID (CHL).