The story is simple. Two students of the Bern University of the Arts start meet once a week to do the one thing they don’t teach them at school: write bold and reckless pop songs. Without much discussion Belia Winnewisser and Rolf Laureijs agree on a fast and impulsive working method with simple tools: their laptops, a few microphones and a small stock of the University’s synthesizer classics. Six weeks and six songs later their debut EP «Aporien» is finished. Following their working credo the duo wants to release it immediately and move on writing new material. But α=f/m are not easily recognizable as the young D.I.Y. project they are – the production sounds surprisingly full – blown as if there actually was a budget behind it. At the same time you can sense their fearless yet unspoilt „Sturm und Drang” approach to music. We would even go so far as to say that Switzerland hasn’t seen such uncompromising contemporary pop music in quite some time.